Dissolved Oxygen Testing

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BBECA has several members currently conducting testing with the Florida Keys Water Watch program. More volunteers are needed to expand our efforts. For more information and to volunteer to be part of the BBECA team, contact Rick Harty ([email protected])

09 January 2024- Combined Data 

The University of Florida IFAS Monroe
County Extension developed Florida Keys Water Watch, a community-based volunteer water quality monitoring program to promote awareness of the importance of water quality, reduce nonpoint source pollution, and involve students and citizens to monitor coastal habitats from man-made canals to bays to beaches.  (

The goals of Florida Keys Water Watch are to:

  • A: Raise awareness of the importance of water quality in the Florida Keys
  • D: Collect baseline data to track coastal health over time
  • A: Adopt best management practices to prevent nonpoint source pollution
  • P: Create community partnerships between citizens and local agencies
  • T: Provide tools and training for educators, students, and citizens to evaluate local waterways and become environmental stewards

Florida Keys Water Watch teaches volunteers to test a site of their choice for dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, and temperature after attending a 4-hour workshop. Tasks will include Data entry, Identification, Learning, Measurement, Observation, Sample analysis, Site selection and/or description, Specimen/sample collection.