Good Neighbor Tips

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Greetings from the Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association

As we all enjoy the beauty of Ramrod Key, we offer these tips for keeping our community enjoyable and safe for both residents and visitors.

Care Taking

Help to preserve the environment and keep the area clean for the enjoyment of all.

  • Do not throw trash on the roadside or in the water. Pick up any litter you see and dispose of it properly.
  • Do not dispose of yard waste or fish innards in the canals.
  • Never dump trash on a neighboring lot.
  • Set out garbage and recycles the evening before pickup day and remove containers from curbside as soon as possible after pickup. Trash pickup is Tuesday and Friday; Recycling on Tuesday; Yard Waste on Wednesday.


  • The Ramrod Key Channel is 17 ft wide and not wide enough to safely accommodate passing vessels. When using the channel, it is important to stay in the middle of the channel and to yield to any vessel already in the channel. Only one boat at a time unless following another boat. 
  • Please observe the No Wake Zone in all canals. If you can see waves coming off your boat or lapping against the shore, you are going too fast.

Canal Etiquette & Water Quality

Everyone’s cooperation and concern for water quality is needed to make a difference in our canals and nearby waters.  We ask that owners and visitors please abide by our guidelines to help keep our canals clean and safe for aquatic life, boaters, and swimmers.

  • Please do not throw fish remains or other carcasses into canals.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait, fish cleaning remains and lobster heads in leak proof receptacles – store in bait freezer for later use or to dispose of on trash day morning. If you put out earlier, the racoons or other creatures of the night will raid your trashcans and leave you a mess to clean up!
  • Bait pens should be aerated with land-based aeration systems. Do not power wash bait pens over water.
  • Prevent yard debris from entering canals. Mangrove clippings should not enter water.  Leaf blowers should not send yard material into canal, but into piles for pick up and disposal.
  • NEVER clean paint trays, brushes, or dump solvents in canal. Use dust bags on sanders when sanding near water.

If you wouldn’t want to swim with it, don’t throw it in our waters!

Pet Etiquette

  • Please pick up after your pet. Bag it and dispose in an appropriate trash container. Do not throw any type of trash into containers of yard waste.
  • Always leash your dog on walks and don't play while on leash. Monroe County requires a physically capable person to be in control of an animal by means of a leash, or for the animal to be enclosed by a secure fence.
  • Prevent barking, be aware of other people’s feelings, and only let your dog greet a stranger if they ask.

Mind Your Driving Speed

A friendly reminder to watch your speed while driving in our neighborhood.  We have many people enjoying the outdoors, exercising or walking along our roads.  Please be mindful to stay under the 25-mph speed limit, drive cautiously and be alert.


Sound can be amplified when it travels over water. With our canal system, your conversation or music may not be as private as you think.  Be considerate and be aware of excess noise originating from your property or boat.  In addition, Monroe County prohibits disturbing noise during customary sleeping hours (10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.)


Outdoor lighting can improve visibility and safety, as well as enhancing appearance of your property. But too much of a good thing can be a nuisance. Excess lighting not only wastes energy, but also makes it difficult to enjoy our beautiful night sky, shines onto neighboring properties reducing privacy and hindering sleep, and can have a negative impact on nesting sea turtles. Be considerate in the use of lighting on your property.


The Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association (BBECA) is your partner in getting the most out of the relaxed lifestyle here on Ramrod Key. BBECA engages in projects including water quality, mangrove trimming and channel marker maintenance. Through membership, you can support these projects, get to know your neighbors at social events, and have a voice in issues affecting your community.  Find more helpful info under the "Community Information" tab.

In a neighborhood like ours with more than 300 homes, there are bound to be disputes from time to time.  It is the policy of BBECA to not get involved with problems between neighbors. We expect people to work out their problems amicably or, if absolutely necessary, contact the Sheriff’s Office. Most problems can be avoided if everyone observes these common-sense rules of behavior.

Thank you!

For more in-depth information, visit the "Community Information" section.

Posted July 2020