Rental Rules

 In response to questions from BBECA members, a committee was formed to research the
Monroe County Code regarding rental properties within Breezeswept Beach Estates. 
Thanks to the committee for preparing the information below


All properties in BREEZESWEPT are designated as single family dwellings.

The Monroe Tax Collector governs all rentals in BREEZESWEPT. A rental is considered a business and thus all licenses, tax forms, and reports must be in place. You may use a rental agent, but it is advised you make sure all requirements are complete.

The tax collector website is

There are NO vacation rentals allowed in BREEZESWEPT. No property can be rented for less than 28 days.

BREEZESWEPT can have short term rentals which are more than 28 days and long term rentals that are more than 6 months and a day.

Since the Monroe County Code only addresses vacation rentals or those that are less than 28 days, there is nothing that applies to BREEZESWEPT. If someone feels there is a violation, a complaint can be made. It is not an anonymous complaint.  The code number is 305-289-2820 or 305-295-4343.

Noise and disturbance calls should be made to the Sheriff’s Office: 305-745-3184.



Monroe County Tax Collector 

Monroe County Rental Codes