Legal Structure


On occasion, our residents inquire regarding the legal status of our association. BBECA by statute is a voluntary civic association, duly registered by the State of Florida.  We are a non-profit association and possess NO enforcement authority such as the ability to lien properties, dictate landscaping, painting preferences, etc. 

Some new residents have had varying experiences with homeowner’s associations (HOAS) in the past.  You can be assured that BBECA has never, in its nearly 50 year taken enforcement as its mission.  This is best left to the county.  The association has completed multiple projects over the years without controversy and aims to continue in this manner.

Our legal liability remains minimal as it extends only to the amount in our treasury.  The deed restrictions on property in our subdivision exist wholly apart from the association and compliance issues remain with Monroe County, exclusively. The distinctions between our civic association and other mandatory HOA’s in the Keys are significant.

Breathe easy knowing that BBECA is NOT watching. Please get involved as we continue to address issues of concern to all residents of our island.