Updates From Your Board


New Leash Regulation for Pets
Please be aware of the new leash regulation for pets per the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce (LKCC) newsletter May 15, 2019:

There is now a new regulation for pet owners. "Effective Voice Command" is no longer an acceptable means of control for an animal in a public place since this method has failed in several situations, resulting in actual or potential injury to the unleashed animal, other animals or people. The regulation now requires a physically capable person to be in control of an animal by means of a leash, or for the animal to be enclosed by a secure fence or other means of confinement. This does not apply to cats. The County's animal control contractors throughout the Keys approved the changes to the ordinance. The law applies county-wide and within municipalities, if there is no conflict with an existing municipalities ordinance.

Board Meeting – May 9, 2019
Achievements of the past year were reviewed.  Significant resources were spent for several big projects.  New channel markers were installed, and piling repair is scheduled. The mangroves were trimmed in the main canal.  The welcome sign at the entrance was replaced after being destroyed in an auto accident.  Two socials and two membership meeting were held.  A push to increase membership resulted in a 24% increase in membership over the previous year.

Additional member recruitment efforts are planned for the coming year.  Three socials and two membership meetings will be held.  Long term association finances were discussed, and a dues increase will be proposed at a membership meeting tentatively set for December. A fall social will be held on November 16.

Spring Social – March 28, 2019
Approximately 50 members and potential members enjoyed a mixer of appetizers and beverages.

Completion of Mangrove Trimming - March 24, 2019
BBECA is pleased to announce that the navigational trimming has been completed on the main Breezeswept Beach Estates Canal at a cost of $9700. We wish to thank Radim Havlicek Tree Service who completed the work, and then donated $1400 in labor/machinery time to the project. We also wish to acknowledge the Looe Key Resort for their donation of $500 and use of their ramp/property to stage the cuttings.

As the trimming benefits all residents of Breezeswept Beach Estates and needs to be done periodically to keep the canal safe for navigation, we welcome individual contributions to rebuild the BBECA account. To contribute, go to Membership Application and print out the form. Mark your contribution for "Mangrove Trimming" and mail with your check as directed on the form. We thank you in advance.

We continue to encourage our members on all side canals to trim their property to allow for the safe passage of boats. The permit for this remains active and can be viewed here

Board Meeting – February 28, 2019
Mangrove trimming on the main canal is scheduled to start the week of March 18. The spring social will be held on March 28 from 4:00 – 6:00.  Social details to be confirmed and will be sent to members via the BBECA website and the Facebook group. Fran Crucet volunteered to serve as Membership Chair. Long term financial planning will be discussed at the next meeting.

BBECA Member Meeting - February 16, 2019

Approximately 45 people attended the General Member Meeting. The Board reported that hard copies of the newsletter were distributed throughout the neighborhood in January and there are currently 89 members. Members are encouraged to share information about the association and distribute membership forms to neighbors. The installation of two new pilings (replace #8 and add #11) has been approved and work is on order with Coffin Marine. Following review of three bids, the members approved contracting with Radim Havlicek Tree Service to trim the mangroves in the main canal.  Work is expected to begin in late March. Planning is underway for the Spring Social which will be held no later than the first week in April. Five people have been trained through the University of Florida Community Outreach program and have begun testing the water in the canals. Open position on the Board include Vice President, Membership Chair and Navigation Chair.

Winter Social – January 24, 2019

More than 80 members enjoyed an evening of good food and visiting at Boondocks. Thanks to Social Committee members Barb Weeks, Stv Dalpias and June Crumley.


Board Meeting – January 10, 2019

BBECA is on the list with Coffin Marine to replace channel piling #8 and install a new #11. An updated permit is in process for trimming mangroves in the main canal, and three bids have been requested. A visit is planned to Looe Key Tiki to ask for a contribution to the project, and an offer will also be extended for individuals to contract directly for trimming on side canals. The County Commissioners have approved plans to put a tiny home on the “stairway to heaven” lot near the entrance so a new location will need to be found for the “Welcome” sign.  Training for Water Quality testing is set for January 12 and there are 6 volunteers. Final plans were discussed for the January 24 Winter Social. Electronic notices have been sent with a reminder to pay 2019 dues, and newsletter are being delivered to every home.  The next Member Meeting will be held February 16. There are open positions for Membership, Navigation and Website Administrator.

BBECA Member Meeting – December 8, 2018
About 50 members attended the meeting hosted by Tom and Lore Steifel.
The Board reported on the installation of new channel markers – thanks to John Baker, Jeff Kelly, Bobby Howard, Mike Shearer, and Bob Marvin. Pole #8 is cracked and a new pole #11 was proposed.  The members approved spending up to $1300 per pole for two new pilings. The welcome sign was damaged by a drunk driver.  A check has been received for $800 from the driver’s insurance to replace it.   The Winter Social will be held at Boondocks on January 24th.  The Board plans to trim mangroves in the main canal in 2019. Three bids will be sought with more discussion at an upcoming meeting.  A training session is being planned for volunteers to do monthly water sampling.

Board Meeting – November 8, 2018

Channel markers need to be repaired.  A plan was put into place to purchase and install triangle and square safety markers for the ten poles, a No Wake sign and two One Way signs.  One piling is cracked and a repair estimate will be requested. Mangroves in the main canal were trimmed last in 2014 at a total cost of about $7000, and generally need done every 6 years. Following discussion, a goal was set to trim the main canal in 2019 as it is used by all members. The Board will get three bids, talk with commercial operators who use the canal, and file necessarily paperwork with the state.  The Cooperative Extension Service has been contacted regarding a water testing training sessions and volunteers will be contacted to assess interest. Information will be shared with members about resources and actions that members can take if they are concerned about lingering health and safety concerns following Irma. The Board will bring back Member Meetings with the next meeting set for December 8. Planning was started for the Winter Social in late January. Dues for 2019 will remain at $40 per family/$20 per individual.  Emails will be sent to members and a hard copy newsletter will be distributed to each home.

Spring Social Meeting – April 14, 2018
There was a very good turn-out at the social and everyone seemed to enjoy getting together after the difficult season recovering from the hurricane.  Speeding and clean up after pets remain problematic. Various solutions were discussed. Within the next few weeks, members who have not paid 2018 dues will be deleted from the website directory.

Board Reorganizational Meeting – March 28,2018
The Board of the Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association met to reorganize following Hurricane Irma. Volunteer positions were reviewed with openings Social Chair, Newsletter, and Membership. The meeting centered around planning for the Spring Social and addressing community concerns.