BBECA History of Water Quality Test

Breezeswept Beach Estates – Ramrod Key

Water Quality Testing – Past & Present

Compiled Jan 2020

This document is an attempt to gather various sources and documents that address the water quality of Breezeswept Beach Estates (BBE).   It is incomplete and should be supplemented with additional information about the how the goals and objectives of the various agencies impact the water quality of BBE. 

The history of water related events for Breezeswept Beach Estates is listed here. The BBECA water quality studies of 2001 – 2002 remain the best overall evaluation of water quality in Breezeswept Beach Estates.  This information is supplemented by various other testing performed as listed below.   

Water quality standards

State of Florida Class III Limited - DO

State of Florida – Class III Limited - Nutrients

Water quality testing and related reports 

  1. Water Quality Protection Plan report – 1992 - Performed for Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary 
  2. EPA Water Quality Concerns in the Florida Keys report - 1999
  3. Water Quality Testing – 1995-2018 - Performed for Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary/FIU 
    1. Testing Data - Sanctuary Data
    2. Dr. Henry Briceno - FKMS Testing
  4. Water Quality Studies – 2001-2002 - Performed by/for BBECA 
  5. Lakewatch testing – 2001-2014 - Performed by BBECA / Univ Of Florida 
  6. Water Flow Study - Performed for BBECA – 2003
  7. Geotechnical Engineering Report -Performed for BBECA – for Barbados culvert – 2004
  8. Water Quality Protection Plan report (EPA,DEP,FKMS) – 2013
  9. Water Quality Management Plan report (FIU/FKMS) - 2014
  10. Florida Keys Water Watch – DO, Salinity, Temps - Performed by BBECA – 2016 - 2020
  11. FKRAD - Performed for Monroe County – waiting for info from Kathleen Sullivan/Rhona Haag  
  12. Florida Keys Nearshore Water Quality Monitoring