Mangrove Trimming and Permit

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Mangroves are a natural part of our tropical environment, but when they proliferate on canal banks and interfere with navigation, they can be a serious problem. Monroe County Code of Ordinances (Section 26-4) prohibits property owners from “causing or permitting trees to interfere with vessels upon any manmade water body" and requires canal front property owners to keep their shoreline vegetation (including mangroves) trimmed. A hazard is defined as “vegetation extending by more than ten percent of the overall width of the water body.” Violations are punishable by fines up to $500 and/or up to 60 days imprisonment.

We encourage all property owners to trim their property on the canals to allow for the safe passage of boats. The trimming of mangroves requires a permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which BBECA acquired and can be viewed below. The permit covers all properties on the interior canals but does NOT include open water lots/houses.  Owners of open water property can apply for and receive permission to trim by contacting the DEP in Marathon at 305-289-7070. 

If property owners have further questions, contact Paul Gerson, BBECA board member at 305-872-2780 or [email protected].

The Association assists with main canal trimming as there is a common interest for all residents.  BBECA conducted mangrove trimming on our main canal in February 2023. This is an ongoing effort and our 6th such effort over the past 40 years. 
Thanks to these individuals who donated to the BBECA 2023 Mangrove Fund

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