Mangrove Trimming and Permit

March 24, 2019

Completion of Mangrove Trimming

Hello Neighbors and Friends!

BBECA is pleased to announce that the navigational trimming has been completed on the main Breezeswept Beach Estates Canal at a cost of $9700. We wish to thank Radim Havlicek Tree Service who completed the work, and then donated $1400 in labor/machinery time to the project. We also wish to acknowledge the Looe Key Resort for their donation of $500 and use of their ramp/property to stage the cuttings.

As the trimming benefits all residents of Breezeswept Beach Estates and needs to be done periodically to keep the canal safe for navigation, we welcome individual contributions to rebuild the BBECA account. To contribute, go to and print out a copy of the "Membership Application." Mark your contribution for "Mangrove Trimming" and mail with your check as directed on the form. We thank you in advance.

A Monroe County ordinance “prohibits the owners of real property from causing, suffering or permitting trees or other vegetation from their property to interfere with vessels traveling upon navigable canals" and requires canal front property owners to keep their shoreline vegetation (including mangroves) trimmed. 

We continue to encourage our members on all canals to trim their property to allow for the safe passage of boats. The permit for this remains active and can be viewed below.

Resources for Mangrove Trimming Information:

Florida DEP Mangrove Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Mangrove Trimmers (Monroe County)


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