This is your source of information for our community on Ramrod Key, Florida; including upcoming events, newsletters, photographs, and information about living in the Keys. We hope you will enjoy browsing the site, and we welcome your comments. 

Please become a member. With our new website you can now complete your membership application online, enter and update your information, and manage your own password.   You can either pay online using your personal credit or debit card or send a check through the mail to PO Box 421232, Ramrod Key, FL 33042.  Annual Dues are $20 for an individual and $40 for a family. 

As a member of Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association you will have an opportunity to participate in great social events, receive an informative newsletter, and have access to the Members Only section of the web site. The Members Only section includes the Directory of Members, Photo Gallery, Bylaws, and Declarations of Restrictions. The membership dues provides for landscape projects, navigation, mangrove trimming, as well as website maintenance. While anyone can join and be a member, only property owners and renters living in Breezeswept Beach Estates can vote at our membership meetings.