Info for Residents

A link to a printable PDF is here. 
This document provides useful information and contacts that can be printed and made available to all of our residents and renters.  Please take the time to read it, print it, and share it with everyone who enjoys our community and wishes to preserve it. Thanks to all who helped to compile this valuable resource.

Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association 

Pickup Schedule for Ramrod Key:   
Trash-Tuesday and Friday / Recycling-Tuesday / Yard Waste-Wednesday  

Free Recycling bin - Call Waste Management, Inc. (305) 296-8297.  

Free Bulk Household waste pickup – FREE for residences. Furniture, appliances, car tires (without rims), grills, bicycles and carpeting. Separate metal items. Place neatly at curb or roadside without obstructing traffic. Avoid placing under power lines. Call Waste Management (305) 296-8297 to schedule a pickup.  

Free drop-off - Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Electronic Waste (e-waste) - Requires special disposal because they are pollutants. Disposal / recycling is FREE FOR RESIDENTS. Drop off at: Cudjoe Key Transfer Station, MM 21.5 Blimp Road (305) 745-2513  
  • HHW: 1st and 3rd Wednesday 10am-2pm  
  • E-Waste: Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm  
Pickup of Oversize yard waste possible additional charge: Limbs larger than 4” in diameter only; must be cut to lengths of 6’ or less. Place neatly at curb or roadside without obstructing traffic. Avoid placing under power lines. Commercial tree removal and land clearing are not included in the solid waste assessment for residential service. Do not mix with other debris, as additional charges will be incurred. Call Waste Management, Inc. (305) 296-8297 to schedule a pickup.  Note: You can also drop off items directly at the Waste Transfer Station for recycling and waste disposal. Free for residents. 
  • Regular Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8:00am - 4:00pm 
  • Cudjoe Key Transfer Station, MM 21.5 Blimp Road, (305) 745-2513  
ELECTRIC SERVICE:  Keys Energy Service  
Key West:  1001 James Street, (305) 295-1000, Fax (305) 295-1085     
Items you will need for electric service: 
  • Visit the office BEFORE 3 PM for the same day service 
  • Bring Driver’s license, Social Security Number, Deposit        
  • If rental unit- bring a copy of the lease 
WATER SERVICE:  Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA)  
Key West:  1100 Kennedy Drive, (305) 296-2454, Fax (305) 296-3346  
Items you will need for water service: 
  • On the day of closing, no sooner, and BEFORE 4 PM, have your attorney or title company fax a copy of the Warranty Deed to your property to FKAA to ensure water service that day  
  • Bring Driver’s license, Social Security Number, Deposit 
  • If rental unit – bring a copy of the lease. 
AT &T &  U verse     h1-800-331-0500    OR    (866) 915-6188 
Comcast- XFINITY     1-800-266-2278    OR    (305) 292-8376 

The Ramrod Key Channel is 17 ft wide and not wide enough to accommodate passing vessels safely.
  • When using the channel for Ramrod Key, yield to any vessel already in the channel. Only one boat at a time unless following another boat. 
  • Please observe the No Wake Zone in all canals. If you see waves coming off your boat or lapping against the shore, you are going too fast. 
BBECA has initiated ongoing projects to perform water samplings and investigate means to improve tidal flow through the canals.  Everyone’s cooperation and concern is needed to really make a difference. Here are some guidelines to observe to help keep our canals clean and safe for boating and swimming. 
  • Use fish cleaning stations with trash receptacles and wastewater hookups – do not throw remains into canals 
  • Dispose of unwanted bait and fish cleaning remains in leak proof receptacles – store in bait freezer for later use or to dispose of on trash day morning 
  • Do not feed fish at your dock 
  • Prevent yard debris from entering canals  
  • Limit use of yard chemicals – do not use near canals 
  • Limit use of fertilizers – do not use near canals 
  • Direct rain gutter down spouts to planted areas and away from canals – consider installing rain barrels or cisterns 
  • Create vegetated buffers next to canals 
  • Dispose of oil and hazardous household wastes at the Cudjoe Key Transfer Station  
  • Use biodegradable boat cleaning products 
  • Properly maintain your boats / engines to prevent discharge into canals 
  • Prevent discharge of oily boat bilge water into canals 
  • Sanding, painting, and other major repairs should be done away from the canals 
  • Florida law and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary regulations combine to create no-discharge areas that include the canals, Newfound Harbor, and waters about four miles past Looe Key reef.   Regardless, use enzyme-base products in your holding tank instead of deodorizers and disinfectants which contain chemicals harmful to aquatic life.    
If you wouldn’t want to swim with it, don’t throw it in the water! 

Leash Regulation for Pets. Monroe County requires a physically capable person to be in control of an animal by means of a leash, or for the animal to be enclosed by a secure fence or other means of confinement. Prevent barking, be aware of other people’s feelings, and only let your dog greet a stranger if they ask.  

Pet Waste. Please pick up after your dog on non-owned property and dispose of it in the trashDo not throw any type of trash into containers of yard waste.  (Monroe County Ordinance - Ord. No. 006- 2006) 

GOOD NEIGHBOR TIPS                               
Care taking 
  • Don’t throw trash on roadside, in canals or on empty lots. Pick up any litter and dispose it properly. 
  • Set out garbage and recycles the evening before pickup day and remove containers from curbside as soon as possible after pickup.  
  • Remove invasive exotic plants such as Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pines from your property. 
  • Use native trees and plants to the maximum in your landscaping to minimize the amount of watering you need to do and to avoid the spread of harmful exotic plants. 
Noise - Sound can be amplified when it travels over water. With our canal system, your conversation or music may not be as private as you think.  Be considerate and be aware of excess noise originating from your property or boat.  In addition, Monroe County prohibits disturbing noise during customary sleeping hours (10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.)  

Lighting - Outdoor lighting can improve visibility and safety, as well as enhancing appearance of your property. But too much of a good thing can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Here are tips to ensure that your outdoor lighting is attractive and economical. 
  • Glare - If you can see a bright bulb from a distance, it’s a bad light. With a good light you can see mainly the lighted ground underneath, not the dazzling bulb. 
  • Light invasion - Bad lights shine onto neighboring properties, and into bedroom windows reducing privacy and hindering sleep. Lighting can also be a problem for nesting sea turtles. 
  • Energy waste - Bad outdoor lights waste energy by spilling light where not needed, into the night sky. For more information on outdoor lighting and sky glow visit 
In a neighborhood like ours with more than 300 homes, there are bound to be disputes from time to time.  It is the policy of BBECA to not get involved with problems between neighbors. We expect people to work out their problems amicably or, if absolutely necessary, contact the Sheriff’s Office. Most problems can be avoided if everyone observes common-sense rules of behavior. 

If you rent... 
Be sure to inform your tenants of these basic rules of the neighborhood.  Visit to find “Tips for Residents and Renters.” Print out and include the “Tips” document in your renter information packet. 


Summerland Key: 24700 Overseas Hwy (305) 745-3391  (this is our mail delivery office) 
Big Pine: 29959 Overseas Hwy (305) 872-2531 

*UPS in Winn Dixie Shopping Center on Big Pine will also accept mail 

  • Key West: Lower Keys Medical Center, 5900 College Rd (305) 294-5531 
  • Marathon: Fisherman’s Hospital, 3301 overseas Hwy (305) 743-5533   
  • Tavernier: Mariners Hospital, MM 91.5 (305) 852-4418 
* Monroe County residents are not charged for Trauma Star emergency air-ambulance helicopter services to mainland.  

LIBRARIES:  Monroe County Main Library Branch Lower Key Locations: 
  • Key West:  700 Fleming Street  (305) 292-3595 
    Big Pine:    213 Key Deer Bvld  (305) 872-0992 
    Marathon:  3251 Overseas Hwy  (305) 743-515 

You may register at time of license registration above or at any library or Sheriff’s Office in Monroe County or at the Supervisor of Elections Office at 530 Whitehead St, Key West, FL.     305-292-3416.  You must be a resident of Monroe County – FL Driver’s License or SS# necessary. 

Monroe County Tax Collector’s Office  -  New residents must register their vehicles and obtain Florida license tags within 30 days of establishing residency or by the day they begin work or by the time they register their children in school.      
  • Key West:  1200 Truman Ave  (305) 295-5010   3439 S. Roosevelt Bvld 
  • Marathon:  3101 Overseas Hwy, M  48.5 (305) 295-5000 
Items you will need: 
  • Proof of vehicle ownership and Proof of Insurance 
  • Previous out-of-state title and registration 
  • A state form that includes the vehicle registration number and odometer reading 
  • Valid driver’s license and a second form of personal identification 
  • The vehicle you are registering 


Monroe County Tax Collector’s office-  Registration is required on all boats with motors regardless of size. A valid out-of-state registration of any pleasure craft is recognized for up to 90 days in Florida. After that, Florida registration is required. Fees vary according to the length of the boat. 
  • Key West:  1200 Truman Ave  (305) 295-5000   3439 S. Roosevelt Bvld 
  • Marathon:  3101 Overseas Hwy, MM  48.5 (305) 295-5000 
Items you will need: 
  • Title and/or registration 

  • Valid driver’s license and a second from of personal identification 

  • Bill of sale if owned less than 6 months  


Monroe County Tax Collector’s Office   New residents are required to pass only a visual examination if they have a valid driver’s license from another state.  Drivers must be at least 16 years oldto qualify for a driver’s license and 15 years old to get a restricted operator permit.  Office Locations: 
  • Key West:   3439 S. Roosevelt Bvld (305) 293-6338 
  • Marathon:   3380 Overseas Hwy (305) 289-2306  
Items to bring: 
  • Your valid out-of-state driver’s license 
  • US Birth Certificate or US Passport, SS# Proof 
  • Proof of Resident address-utility bill or voter’s registration card 

Monroe County School District 
Main Office, 241 Trumbo Road, Key West  (305) 293-1400 

The College of the Florida Keys -  www.fkcc.edu 
Main Office, 5901 College Rd, Key West  (305) 296-9081          
Licenses are easily available at bait and tackle shops and license offices throughout the state of Florida. They can also be purchased via telephone at 888-FISH-FLORIDA, or online    
For further information, call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  (305) 289-2330 

Monroe County Government Center – Key West: 1100 Simonton St (The Gato Bldg) (305) 292-4441 
Monroe County Growth Management Division -Marathon: 490 63rd St Suite 140   (305) 289-2517 
Code Enforcement –  
  • - Lower Keys Key West: 5503 College Road Suite 254, (305) 292-4495 
  • - Middle Keys: Marathon: Government Ctr. 2798 Overseas Hwy Suite 330 (305) 289-2810 
Planning and Environmental Resources – 
Middle Keys: Marathon: 2798 Overseas Hwy Suite 400 (305) 289-2500 
Building Department – 
Lower Keys: Key West: 5503 College Rd Juvenile Justice Bldg, Rm 2030 (305) 295-3990 
Middle Keys: Marathon: 2798 Overseas Hwy Suite 300 (305) 289-2501 
Monroe County Clerk’s Office – /Lower Keys: Key West:  500 Whitehead Street (305) 3130 
Monroe County Property Appraiser – or via phone at (305) 292-3420 (Key West),  
(305) 289-2550 (Marathon) or FaceBook: Monroe County Property Appraiser/ 

Homestead Exemption:  To qualify for homestead exemption for the first time, each person must have legal title to the property, as recorded in the official records of Monroe County, and who resides thereon and in good faith make the same his permanent residence or the permanent residence of another or other legally or naturally dependent upon such person.  Each person must reside on the property, have legal title and provide proof of residency as of January 1st of the year that they are applying. Property owners can pre-file for homestead exemption.  The deadline for filing for the upcoming year is  March 1.  See website for more details. 

  • Greater Key West Chamber: (305) 292-2587 
  • Big Pine & Lower Keys: (305) 872-2411 
  • Greater Marathon Chamber: (305) 743-5417 
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office:  Emergency 911  / Non Emergency (305) 745-3184 
  • Key West – 5525 College Road (305) 292-7000     
  • Cudjoe Key – Substation 20950 Overseas Hwy (305) 745-3184  
  • Middle Keys – Marathon Substation 3103 Overseas Hwy (305) 289-2430 
City Police Department:  Key West: 1604 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305) 809-1111 
Florida Highway Patrol:    1-800-240-0453 
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:  1-888-404-FWCC or (305) 289-2330 

AIRPORT:  Key West International Airport: (305) 296-5439 


Monroe County Emergency Management:  490 63rd St Oceanside Suite 150 Marathon; (305) 289-6018  
National Hurricane Center – For up-to-date emergency and weather-related information tune into: 
  • Local radio  104.1 
  • Cable TV, channel 16 and 52 
  • NOAA weather radio 
Florida Keys SPCA:FKSCPA: (305) 294-4857  
Cudjoe Key Waste Transfer Station: (305) 745-2513  
Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority: (305) 296-2454  
Key West National Weather Service: (305) 295-1316  
Monroe County Tax Collectors Office (Big Pine Key): (305) 872- 3653  
Mosquito Control District (service request): (305) 292-7190  
US 1 Radio 104.1 FM: (305) 296-7511  
USFWS Key Deer Refuge Visitor Center: (305) 872-0774  
USFWS National Key Deer Refuge HQ: (305) 872-2239 
Waste Management, Inc.: (305) 296-8297   

Find more helpful information at 

(Updated July 2020) 


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