Important News and Updates

January 2021
The Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association Water Committee is in search of like minded “citizen scientists“ to resume the previous Lakewatch nutrient sampling program for our water basin. In order to be a valid participant in the program we must be trained by a representative from University of Florida IFAS Lakewatch. Dan Willis from Lakewatch will be here March 17 for that requisite training session. The training session is expected to last between 1/2 hour to one hour and will be conducted in the morning (TBD) leaving plenty of time for Saint Paddy‘s day festivities. Training will be ‘dockside’ (no boating needed for the training). Interested parties should contact Rick Richbourg at 407-492-3000. Please leave a message if the phone rolls to voicemail. Previous Lakewatch Program Partners are strongly encouraged to participate.

January 2021

BBECA installed a new Little Library at the Pocket Park located on West Indies between Barbados and St. Martin. Thanks to Susan Eanes who also installed one at her home at 681 West Indies Drive.  Pay a visit to take a book/leave a book and get reading!

November 2020
While we have not been able to hold events this year due to COVID, the BBECA Board has continued to work on other goals. The new #8 and #11 channel pilings and day markers have been installed.  New signs have been added in the channel regarding traffic flow and fish carcass disposal, and a new sign has been installed at the fuel dock.  “Good Neighbor Tips” were distributed to all homes over the summer, and “Info for New Residents” was updated and posted on the website. We look forward to when we can be together again for socials and member meetings. Until then, we wish you good health and a joy in the upcoming holiday season!

October 2020
Save the Manatee Signs
- Have you seen manatees in your canal? Do you want boaters to be aware and take caution to their speed so as to not cause injuries? You can obtain a FREE Manatee sign and other materials by contacting Save the Manatee Club via email at [email protected] or by calling toll free at 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) or 407-539-0990. Simply provide your name and address where the sign will be displayed and the organization will mail it to you. To learn more, visit

May 2020

Though we were not able to hold spring events due to COVID-19, the Breezeswept Beach Estates Civic Association continues to work toward other goals.

CHANNEL IMPROVEMENTS:  Work has begun to replace the broken #8 piling and add a new piling and #11 day marker.

WATER QUALITY: The Water Quality Committee continues to test water in the canals and is developing a master plan to implement various strategies to improve water quality. New committee members are welcome.

RESIDENT INFO:  Resident information has been expanded and updated in preparation for resuming new resident visits when able.  The revised information has also been posted on the BBECA website at – look under the “Community Information“ tab for Info for Residents, Good Neighbor Tips and Bridge Clearances. Thanks to Kathy Baker, Edie Primavera and Pam Mayer for their work on this effort. We have also added links to mangrove trimming resources.

We hope to be back together in the fall with a mixer and member meeting. If you wish to contact the Association, the best way is through “Contact Us.” (We do not manage the Breezeswept Beach Facebook or Nextdoor platforms.)  We wish you good health and good fishing over the summer!

March 2020

Taking the lead from multiple sources regarding Coronavirus, the Breezeswept Beach Civic Association is going with caution and has decided to cancel the BBECA Member Meeting scheduled for March 21, as well as the Spring Social planned for April 4. The health of our friends and neighbors is the top priority.

We plan to be back in the fall with the Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe presentation on the new FEMA flood zone maps and a fall social. We wish you good health and happy adventures in the coming months and over the summer.

November 17, 2019

Fall Social: A Great Time!!!

A good time was had by more than 50 neighbors attending the Fall “Meet & Greet” Social! The group enjoyed a beautiful evening and delicious appetizers. It was great to see many “old” and “new” faces from the neighborhood.

Thanks to Waterfront Brewery for donating the beer. Thanks also to our raffle winner who donated his winnings back to the Association.

September 24, 2019

Volunteer to be a BBECA Block Captain

Dear Neighbors and Friends:

Thank you for being a member of the Breezeswept Beach Estate Civic Association! We are looking for a small group of members to support the neighborhood by serving as block captains. Responsibilities will be to:

· Welcome new residents on your street and encourage them to join the association. Check out the “Welcome Letter” on the BBECA homepage.

· Provide the BBECA Membership Chair with the names and street address of new residents for follow-up by the Board

· Distribute BBECA newsletters to houses on your street (generally 1-2 times per year)

· Forward questions and issues from residents to the Board

· If you are no longer able to serve as block captain, identify a willing individual to take your place

Will you help us as we work to enhance our community? Please step up today by sending me your name, street address, email and phone number. I hope to hear from you!

Corrine Shearer
[email protected]
BBECA Board President


September 4, 2019

New Draft FEMA flood maps available

The Monroe County web site now has the new draft FEMA maps available in PDF format for the entire Keys.

Once on the site, in the header, go to ‘Government’

Under Departments go to ‘Building and Permitting’

Under ‘Quick Links’ look for ‘New Draft Costal Flood Maps’…/New-Draft-Coastal-Fl…

Down in the middle of that page are two links:

  1. View the new maps click link HERE: DRAFT coastal flood maps
  2. View current flood maps at FEMA Flood Map Service Center

The ‘new maps’ page opens with a numbered grid format over all of the islands. Zooming in allows you to see which grid you want.Left click on the area in question and a balloon with a link to the  FEMA panel will open. Click in the link. A PDF will open that will allow you to zoom into an adequate level of detail.

NOTE: You will see a black line with spikes. This is the new LiMWA (Limit of Moderate Wave Action). Here is a link to a LiMWA Fact Sheet…/1436816523486-1…/FPM_1_Page_LiMWA.pdf



September 4, 2019

Submit King Tide Photos

The public is invited to document King Tides (the highest high tides of the year) to help plan for future flood risks. For the last weeks in August, September, October, and November, the normal high tides in the Keys will reach new heights as the annual cycle of the sun and moon draw closest to Earth, producing flooding up to ~2.5 feet above normal. So time your tide via…/floridakeyssites.html 

and email pics to [email protected]

August 20, 2019

Public Information Officer Kristen Livengood Monroe County Solid Waste Assessment Letter (Mail Clarification)

There has been a little confusion for some Monroe County property owners who recently received a notice in regards to the Solid Waste Assessment (garbage collection and haul out) commencing October 1, 2019. Many people received the letter yesterday in the mail. This is not a "new assessment," it is a notice required by F.S.197.3632, that there is going to be an increase over last year’s Solid Waste Assessment. The increase is $8, not $402. Last year all property owners paid $394, this year property owners will be paying $402, hence the $8 increase and need for a notice. The County apologizes for any confusion the “Notice of Hearing to Impose and Provide for Collection of Solid Waste Assessments.” If this does not address your concerns, contact the office of Monroe County Solid Waste Management at 305-295-4323 or 305-292-4536.

August 6, 2019

Regular Lobster Season runs from August 6, 2019 thru March 31, 2020. When you do head out on the water to get some "bugs", be extra safe and don't forget your dive flag! Attached are the regulations for recreational lobster harvesting from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Attachment with no description
Attachment with no description

May 15, 2019

New Leash Regulation for Pets

Dear Neighbors and Friends:

Please be aware of the new leash regulation for pets!

There is now a new regulation for pet owners. "Effective Voice Command" is no longer an acceptable means of control for an animal in a public place since this method has failed in several situations, resulting in actual or potential injury to the unleashed animal, other animals or people. The regulation now requires a physically capable person to be in control of an animal by means of a leash, or for the animal to be enclosed by a secure fence or other means of confinement. This does not apply to cats. The County's animal control contractors throughout the Keys approved the changes to the ordinance. The law applies county-wide and within municipalities, if there is no conflict with an existing municipalities ordinance.

Per Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce (LKCC) newsletter May 15, 2019